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МорфологияMorfologiia” (“Morphology”) journal (Archives of Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology) is a leading morphological scientific journal which is published continuously since 1916. The journal was founded by a prominent Russian histologist A.S. Dogiel, and for many years most distinguished Russian scientists worked in its Editorial Board, passing the baton to the modern generation of morphologists. In the last decades, its founder is the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Journal is published under the auspices of the International Association of Morphologists (the successor of all-Union Scientific Society of Anatomists, Histologists, and Embryologists).

Editorial Board

Editor-in-chief — corresponding member of RAS professor Victor V. Banin (Moscow)
A corresponding member of RAS, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Victor V. Banin. He is an author of over 200 scientific publications, including 4 monographs, the Atlas of Cytology, Russian Version of the International terminology on Human Cytology and Histology. Head of the Department of Histology, Embryology and Cytology of A.I. Yevdokimov Moscow State Medical Dental University, President of the International Association of Morphologists.

Deputy Editors — prof. S.V. Klochkova (Moscow), prof. D.К. Obukhov (St. Petersburg), academician RAS V.P. Chekhonin (Moscow)

Executive Secretaries: prof. T.I. Vikhruk (Санкт-Петербург); prof. T.A. Tsekhmistrenko (Moscow)

prof. N. T. Alekseyeva (Voronezh) prof. V. N. Nikolenko (Moscow)
corresponding member of RAS D. V. Bazhenov (Tver') prof. V. I. Nozdrin (Moscow)
academician RAS N. N. Bogolepov (Moscow) prof. I. A. Odintsova (St. Petersburg)
prof. V. L. Bykov (St. Petersburg) corresponding member of RAS V. A. Otellin (St. Petersburg)
prof. V. K. Verin (St. Petersburg) prof. A. V. Pavlov (Yaroslavl')
prof. I. V. Gaivoronskiy (St. Petersburg) prof. I. S. Sesorova (Moscow)
prof. N. R. Karelina (St. Petersburg)
prof. N. A. Slesarenko (Moscow)
prof. A. P. Kiyasov (Kazan') prof. O. S. Sotnikov (St. Petersburg)
prof. V. I. Kozlov (Moscow) prof. Ye. I. Chumasov (St. Petersburg)
prof. D. E. Korzhevskiy (St. Petersburg) prof. L. A. Udochkina (Astrakhan')
corresponding member of RAS S. L. Kuznetsov (Moscow) prof. O. R. Shangina (Ufa)
corresponding member of RAS D. B. Nikitiuk (Moscow)  

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Author Guidelines*





When reviewing an article, the editorial team can check the material with the help of the Anti-plagiarism system. In the case of multiple borrowings, the editorial board acts in accordance with COPE rules.

Order of Peer-Review Process

  1. Observation of the Author Guidelines by the authors is pre-evaluated upon receipt of the article.
  2. The Editor-in-Chief or Associate Editors check that the topic of the paper is appropriate for the journal and appoint the Reviewer, an expert on the subject of the article, having at least 3 publications on this research topic during the last 3 years.
  3. The reviewers' work is strictly confidential. The reviewer follows the recommendations of the Journal and gives a detailed evaluation of the relevance of the study, the significance and novelty of the data obtained, and of the validity of the conclusions.
  4. A review with the suggestion "to accept", "to reject" the manuscript (with the justification of the decision) or to "send manuscript for revision" (including the critical comments and recommendations) is examined at the Editorial Board meeting. After discussion of the article and the review, the members of the Board make the decision to agree (or not) with the opinion of the reviewer, or to invite an additional reviewer.
  5. A collective opinion of the Editorial Board is given to the author(s) of the article. The name of the reviewer remains unknown to the author.
  6. Articles received after revision, are re-reviewed and then re-considered collectively by the Editorial Board.
  7. The reviews are kept in the Editorial Office for 5 years. The copies of the reviews may be forwarded to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation upon an appropriate request.

Abstracts & Key words

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